Asia Golden Rice Company Limited was established in 1999 with the ultimate objective to become one of Thailand’s leading exporters of the highest quality Thai rice to the world market.   By then, Our first facility was a rented plant at Prapadaeng district, Samutprakarn province.
Factory AGR
Within such a short period of time, around 2002, We have become one of Thailands top five largest rice exporters. With our continual operational growth, we, thereby, established our own modern processing plant at Bangpakong district, Chacheangsao province.
The new facility commenced its operation in 2003; it was modern facility fully equipped with modern machinery which could provide loading/barging at 4,000 6,000 metric tons per day, and large scale silo storage, which could accommodate more than 310,000 metric tons of rice.
We also established our own transportation company which having more than 50 lighters and 50 container haulages to accelerate our Logistics operation.
In addition, we encompass 14 network rice mills, which could accommodate more than 8,000 tons daily production capacity. The rice mills serve as our rice suppliers, and with the strength of our affiliated Local Rice Broker companies, we could provide high quality rice and services for our partners worldwide.
We place great emphasis on not only investments upon modern machinery but also development of human resources with our strong belief that great success is resulted from perfect harmonious mixture between great production processes and efficient management system such as marketing team that provides great recommendation and service minds to ensure our customers maximum satisfaction.
And from our continual dedications, high potential human resources coupled with efficient production process, all Thai rice products from Asia Golden Rice hence have well received great reputations and trusts from our customers worldwide.
We constantly develop and create new product and service innovations to further support high quality rice production and exports, with ultimate goal to create our products as one of the greatest creation in the world food industry, accompanied with great business relationship between us and our trading partners for long time Asia Golden Rice : The Finest Rice